Easy T Shirt Yarn Crochet Bag

Easy Boho Evening Purse Free Crochet Pattern

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This easy crochet purse free pattern is perfect for beginners as it is quick and as it’s made with T shirt yarn it really doesn’t matter if the shape is slightly wonky!

boho style beginners crochet purse pattern

This tutorial will help you create a beautiful boho style mini evening purse or you might find the Fringed Friend makes a great make up bag or container for all of your beach essentials this summer.

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What Yarn Do I Need To Crochet My Purse?

You know I love my chunky  patterns and I have found that t shirt yarn gives my crochet bag patterns that casual boho vibe but also is sturdy enough to help the purse hold it’s shape.

The best prices and sheer choice for t shirt yarn is Amazon (Affiliate link) You will need approx 80-100m

You will also need a 12mm (US size 17) crochet hook (available here, or here)

t shirt yarn and crochet hook

A small pair of scissors & a measuring tape

If you’re not sure which ones to choose, check out some of my favourite yarn and tools in my Amazon shop

What Size is The Crochet Purse?

This bag will work up in different sizes depending on the yarn used, bigger or wider yarn is always better in my book!

Using typical t-shirt yarn such as HOOKD Zpaghetti it will be approximately 20x25cm

boho style beginners crochet purse pattern

Do I need To Check My Gauge?

Gauge is not important with this project but to give you an idea of whether your project will be the size you want then I recommend making a swatch that measures at least 10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4 inches using the stitch in the pattern the gauge is given for (see below).

Test your yarn against the gauge sizing below or check your yarn information label to check the typical gauge if you want to use an alternative.


Single Crochet = 8 stitches x 6 rows (10×10 cm)

If you have more stitches than this then swap to a larger hook, if you have fewer stitches then use a smaller size hook until the required gauge is reached.

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How Do I Crochet The Bottom of My Purse?

Chain 18, this will be the base of your bag

ROW1: SC into the second chain and into each of the chains, add 2 more SC into last chain (17).

how do I crochet the bottom of my bag
t shirt yarn and hook

Row2: SC along the opposite side of the chain, 3SC into last stitch (34).

You may find it easier to crochet over the loose tail of yarn here so you don’t have to weave it in at the end.

Join to the first SC with a Slip Stitch. The base of your bag is now complete.

How To Crochet The Boho Evening Purse

Now we are going to work in the round which will give a uniform appearance to your bag and will mean there are no joins to weaken the fabric.

Place a marker at the end of your row so you know where you started, SC in the round until you reach your stitch marker – this is one row. Repeat this 9 times until your bag measures approximately 17cm (6.5inches).

If you would prefer a deeper bag then you can easily add further rows until you are happy with the size.

Of course you don’t have to stick with Single Crochet, you could always mix it up a bit with other stitches, you can check out my Shell stitch tutorial here

Your bag should now be a rectangle shape with an obvious front and back.

Easy crochet bag tutorial

How To Add A Flap To Your Crochet Purse

SC along one side only (18 stitches), this will become the fold over flap. CH1,turn your work.

SC across all 18 stitches, Ch1 & turn.

crochet purse tutorial add a flap

Repeat this 10 times so you have 12 rows in total to create your flap (you can add more if you prefer a floppier look)

Your bag is now complete, but if you’re wanting to add some pizazz with fringing then read on!

How To Add Fringe To Your Crochet Bag

Cut 18 lengths of yarn approximately twice the length of the tassels you would like to add (plus 2-3cm for the fold), I cut mine 15cm long

Fold the length in half to create a loop.

loop of t shirt yarn to make fringe for crochet bag
Adding Fringe and tassels to t shirt yarn crochet bag

Holding the two ends together push the loop from front to back through the gap between the posts of your stitches, pull partway through then feed the ends of the yarn through the loop you have created and pull tight.

(the advantage of having a little bit of stretch in t shirt yarn is that you can pull it tight and as it contracts it will hold the tassel in place like magic!)

Adding Tassels To CRochet Bag
Crochet Boho Evening Purse with Fringe or Tassels

Repeat this to add tassels between each stitch

Eh Voila!  You’re ready to show off your new purse gather up those compliments.

Don’t forget to send me a picture of your finished piece on social or to [email protected], I love to see how you’ve got on :o)

What’s your favourite style of crochet bag? Let me know and I might create and name the pattern after you!

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