The Best Chunky Knits blanket with coffee and fairy lights

The Best Crochet & Knit Blankets For Beginners

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If you’ve spent any time on my website you’ll know I’m a cosy chunky blanket lover. Originally from North East England I really should cope with the cold better than I do! 

Throws and afghans are some of my favourite easy projects and I always recommend beginner crochet blankets and throws for new knitters as they can be as quick or intricate, delicate or chunky, minimal or colourful as you choose.

No matter what your level of knitting or crochet skill you can always create a throw that is as unique as you are. So if you’ve been wanting to learn how to crochet a blanket or you’re wondering where is the best place to learn how to crochet a blanket for beginners then you’re in the right place!

Whether you’re looking for something modern or traditional, chunky or with a lace stitch, something for a baby gift or a full sized afghan I’ve scoured the internet to find the best step by step tutorials to help you create a crochet beginners blanket or knit throw you will love.

The Best Chunky Knits blanket with coffee and fairy lights

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Why Should I Knit or Crochet a Blanket?

Afghans and throws are the perfect Winter craft project, especially once you get going as it keeps your knees warm while you’re working on it!

Small balls? No Problem! 
It’s a great way to use up your stash. Try out stylish gradients with similar shades for the minimal look or go wild and use all the colours of the rainbow.

If you’re new to crocheting or knitting this is the ideal way to practise new stitches and gauge without having to worry about counting or shaping.  You can even give several new stitch combinations a go and create your own fabulously textured sampler.

No counting and no shaping? Now you’re talking!
Beginner crochet blankets and throws are perfect for working in front of the TV, where do you think the term ‘Knitflixing’ came from? (it’s a real verb, honest!!)

Just make sure you don’t pick a foreign film with subtitles or you could get into a tangled mess of dropped stitches – it’s happened to me too many times with BBC4 Scandi Noir series!

It’s the perfect opportunity to show off your new found skills with your house mates, you’ll be fighting over who’s toes get to stay warm before you’ve even finished.

​Plus, no matter how wobbly your work looks to you, just about everyone will be wide eyed when they (inevitably) ask ‘you MADE this?’

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What Do I Need To Knit Or Crochet A Blanket?

First things first, this will be one of the easiest projects you can work on, BUT do you have the patience to keep going? 

If you’re anything like me you want to finish your WIP before moving on to the next – basically because if I give in to the constant temptation that is Pinterest I would never finish any of them (my husband is frustrated enough with balls of yarn all over the house never mind half finished sleeves to catch his toes in).

Of course the flip side to this is that as it can be such a mindless project, it’s so easy to just pick it up and carry on where you left off, because let’s face it we all need a portable project for the morning commute – and for distracting us from those interminable work colleagues at lunch time ;o)

Aside from the mental capacity the physical tools are pretty basic…..

Grab a hook or some needles in any size that will give you the tension you crave and off you go (once you’ve spent hours choosing the best yarn of course, and you’ll need a LOT of yarn!)

Where Do I Learn How To Crochet or Knit a Blanket My Grandchildren Will Be Proud Of?

Well my friend you have endless options – you see why I’m so pumped about this idea?

Depending on how creative you’re feeling you can grab your tools and yarn and let your imagination run wild,

  • try different colours
  • try different stitches and patterns
  • try different yarn weights
  • try different sized needles and hooks to give you variation in texture and stitch size

You (and the size of your stash/yarn budget) are the only limit here.


If you’re feeling like “my brain can’t cope with any more decisions today, just let me hide somewhere cosy with a candle and create”, then I got you girl…….kits are your game (and I’ve listed some of the best below).

Of course there’s always the middle ground, because we all like to mix it up a bit don’t we?  Yep, I’m talking patterns…….

Patterns are great as they give you the inspiration and the instructions (plus they help you work out if you have enough yarn or you might JUST have to check out the AMAZON deals to see what’s on offer) 

PSST, check out some of my favourites at my Amazon Shop


they also let you choose your colours to create something unique so you get the best of both worlds. Everyone’s a winner baby!

I’ve scanned pinterest (like I said it’s too much temptation) for the best beginner crochet and knit blanket patterns for you, so you can spend your precious time checking out the most stylish combinations in your stash. Check them out below:

Best Crochet Blanket Patterns

This sampler chunky throw by Mama In A Stitch is a great project for testing out new stitches and techniques. It looks very modern crocheted in one shade but it’s easy to mix it up a bit by changing colour with each new block.

If you’re after a more minimal texture this beauty from will give you that Pottery Barn look (with much more satisfaction because you made it yourself)

Taking the traditional approach? This twist on a basic granny square pattern afghan by will give you a simple but stylish adornment for your sofa. It’s a perfect intro if you’re wondering how to crochet a blanket for beginners.

Best granny square blanket

Chevron crochet stitch patterns are always popular and what better way to show it off than with the grand expanse of a throw?  This version by is an unusual twist on the chevron stitch which gives a really classic look (especially with those tassels!) 

Have you tried Corner2corner or C2C yet? 
It might look  a bit scary but it’s easy to work in front of the TV once you get the hang of it.
​This version by on the brilliant website is simple and modern introduction to some of the more detailed graphghans you might want to eventually move on to.

​Best Knit Blanket Patterns

Looking for an easy way to use up lots of small bits and pieces in your stash?

​The block blanket by is an ingenius way to power through those left overs.

Best knit & crochet blanket patterns

This beautiful blanket (below) is super easy for beginners or for creating while netflixing, will show you how…. 

best knit and crochet blanket patterns

A step up from beginner level. This wave pattern will give you something to get your teeth into if you fancy some colourwork, thanks to Heather Linebarger at 

Best Knit & Crochet Blanket Kits

If you don’t want to do any thinking and just want everything, including the tools dropped through the postbox then kits are your friend.

This Udon Blanket by We Are Knitters is always really popular and is an easy make for  beginner knitters who want to learn how to knit their first blanket.

Looking for something slightly lighter? The We Are Knitters Dragonfly Blanket Kit includes everything you need to create a cute cotton baby blanket – human or fur baby optional

best blanket knit kits

This kit by the ever popular Wool Couture Company is perfect for beginner knitters and there are plenty of colour choices to help you create something unique.

Sooooo, as for crochet blanket kits, turns out there aren’t so many!! 
Obviously I’ll be creating some in the near future so watch this space
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Want more inspiration?

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